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Young Active Citizens support Disadvantaged CommunitiesR1/2020; ESC11 Results & Resubmition

EERcomt is proud for the great effort of the partnership of Young Active Citizens support Disadvantaged Communities in the frames EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY CORPS; we have been graded with 80/100 (2020-1-EL02-ESC11-005581). We are in a SUBSTITUTION state and we should be on hold until 17.07.2020. We would like to thank our partners for their commitment to the project (Italy, Spain, Czech Republic). Hereby is notified the decision of the Greek National Agency concerning the R1/2020 funded NGOs for ESC11 and related EERcomt results;

R1/2020 N/A RESULTS The current project has been resubmitted in R2/2020 round.

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