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Annual Meeting of Greek ALF members in Serres,Thessaloniki

ESAI EN ROI is very proud for having participated in the annual meeting of Greek ANNA LINDH FOUNDATION (ALF) annual meeting.

The meeting has been held in an appropriate workshop hall of the Galaxy Hotel, stated in P. Tsaldari 1, in the hurt of the center, full of sidewalks and squares, shops, coffee bars, restaurants, cinemas and cultural edges, where local citizens use to spend their time for entertainment.

During the meeting have been discussed several interesting topics about the past, the present and the future actions of ALF and has been also stated the importance of elevating activation and connection between ALF members.

Several speakers as NGOs representatives, ALF focal points, national ALF representatives as also special guests from the Athenian academic society and EU Commission have spoken about EU tendencies and proposed directions for upgrading quality of activities and accelerate ALF movement within country.

The specific meeting has also included a special tribute to Emmanouilidou Kaiti, a pioneer in the city of Serres as a great activist with a huge social impact, as to be claimed the necessity of memorizing the lady, that died in April 2023, as a social model of the local community and wider but also for rememberance of her great contribution in the local, regional, national and international community as a main actor and policy maker of international impact for sports and education, environmental protection and social solidarity.

We would like to thank the organizers for all theat great work they did in advantage of the greek society of ALF members and we promise to try our best for the common good of the greek ALF community...!

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