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Annual EERco Activities for Artistic Education: THE NEXT DAY...

For 15th consecutive year, the Cultural Organization of Macedonia of Thrace, in collaboration with the Directorate of Secondary Education of Pieria, successfully completed artistic education actions aimed at our thriving artistic youth. The open ceremony has started with a Greeting by the Debuty Minister of Interior (Macedonia-Thrace Region).

The main Actions took place on May 13-14, 2018, in Katerini and Thessaloniki, while the educational activities in the Schools of Education (14-18 May) were postponed to November due to the obstacles of participating students and students due to the forthcoming examination period. All interested parties can participate on the new date (November 2018).

A meeting of the Artistic and Scientific Committee of Advisory Counseling Actions has been held on Monday, May 14, 2018 at 12:00 at the ANETON Theater; infrastructure issues were discussed related to artistic education in Greece. A report, in including suggestions and a proposals was proposed to be send in the near future to the relevant Ministries of Education and Culture. The proposal shall be based upon theoretical background and data as they arise from the international bibliography, the experiences of the experts and the Greek reality in the artistic education of our young people.

The promises, commitments and references of the supporters and assistants of this effort were particularly valuable. Photographic material from the awards are attached.


-Innovation Action Office, Directorate of Secondary Education of Pieria

- Cultural Organization of Macedonia of Thrace

With the support of

• Career Education Network of Chania Township

• Coaching and Human Performance Laboratory, SEFA, AUTh

• Environmental Education Center of Edessa - Giannitsa

• The Center for Education and Nutrition Management of Nutritional Disorders

• MediDIATROFI Scientific Team

• Institute of Nutrition Studies and Research

• The Center for Education and Nutrition Management of Nutritional Disorders

• ChaniaFilmFestival

• Cine-Courses

Under the aegis of

-Ministry of Interior [former MACEDONIA -TRAKIS]

-Ministry of Culture & Sport

-Municipality of Thessaloniki

Media Sponsors



-9.58fm (Panhellenic Electronic Magazine of Alternative Culture) (Local E-Journal)


EleniKavazidou, K 6936 597 376

Myranda Pappas, 6942 212 940

Dora Tsachoridou, 6948 461 579


Eleni Kavazidou, Head of School Activities of the Chania Executive Board, Executive Director

Miranda Pappa, Head of the Office of Innovative Actions of the Municipality of Pieria

Sophia Theodoridou, Head of the EDS Edessa-Giannitsa Project

Dora Tsachouridou, Teacher of the Department of Public Administration of Pieria


Maria Arabatzis, Choreographer, Executive of ERP (Nea Imathia)

Katerina Kotridou, Choreidoskalos, Executive of ERP (Thessaloniki)

Koursari Matina, Choreographer (N. Kilkis)

Theodoridou Natali, Choreographer [N. Serres)

Sophia Salasidou, Choreographer (Prefecture of Pieria)

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