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EVS MACs Autumn: CREATIVITY IN ACTION | Activities initiations from Olesya ILINSKAYA from Moscow

Is it possible for cat to fly or for apple to be purple? Why not? It is just a way of thinking. Here we will prove you that there is nothing impossible. We invite you to the classes for developing your creativity skills. It will by fun, entertaining and useful as well. We are waiting for you!

Title: CREATIVITY IN ACTION project Every Tuesday & Friday Time: 20:00-21:00 Duration: 90' Place: EERco Art-Studio, G. Vizyinou 53, Alexandreia Imathias Tel.: 23330 25 555 Start Date: 09.10.2018 End Date: 16.11.2018 COST: free of charge EERco Services (funded by EVS erasmus+ Program)

Pedagogic Process: Topic & Sub-Topics What is creativity and how to develop your creativity skills (at home/ in class/ by walking/ ...) Aims To give students an examples of exersises to develop your soft skills, expand the way of thinking. C. Methodological Approach (Short Description) : - Motivation, personal values (Tannenbaun Dj.) - Creativity as independent factor separate from the intellegance (Taylor K.) - Creativity as a consequence of intelligence (Dj. Gilford)

D. Estimated Duration / First Month & Ending Month: 9/10/18-21/11/18

Ε. Estimated Visits / Cooperation with others: 5 - 20

G. Result Dissemination Strategy: Expand the way of thinking, uderstanding that nothing is impossible. As a result performance/ art shops/ dances (at the discretion of participants)

H. Please, Describe the project’s development across Time (Project’s Timeline) 0 - 10. Introduction to the lesson 10 - 40. Performing exercises to develop creativity 40 - 50. Suggestions and home work tasks 50 - 90. Developing own ideas by making performance/ dance/ art project/ music

Services in the frames of MAXIMIZE ARTS & CREATIVITY SKILLS (AUTUMN Season) EVS e+ Project

Coordinator: Olesya BELYAEVA, Teacher of Math & Physics, Event Organizer, Musician

Project Supervisor: Eleni I. Kavazidou (Msc, PhD), Choreographer, Choreologist, Dance/Movement Therapist, Dance Instructor

Project Mentor: Maria Arabatzi, Dance Teacher, Dance Studio Director

Mobile of Project Supervisor: +30 6906 98 22 44

Mobile of Project Mentor: +30 6948 814 387

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