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Invitation for Cooperation/ Advising & Career Orientation for ARTS-related Professions

If you are interested in advanced education for keeping your professional success and enlarging your social connection network, we propose you to participate in ANADRASIS project and be a follower of our courses.

We are interested in building up a Network of knowledge distribution, that will upgrade your professional knowledge and expe

rience hard drive.

In our Network are invited to participate independent artists, students of art-schools and legal entities of conjectural, performing or audiovisual arts, in relation to other crafts, education, health and research topics.

General Thematic Areas

1. Nutrition and Artistic Performance Improvement

2. Movement Behavior and Artistic Performance Improvement

3. Artistic Profile, CV Report, Business Negotiation in Arts, Marketing and Management

4. Innovations and New Tendencies in Arts & Crafts creative proccess (Conjectural, Performing and Audiovisual Arts)

5. Arts via Education, Health & Research

Dates of next course: April 2019

If you are interested in cooperating with us, fill in the e-form of our EU-Associations' Network

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