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Invitation for EVS Volunteers

EVS related to Arts

EERco EVS progarms are highly recommended as an intro to EU 2018 career challenges and social realities in relation to Art-related experiences and professions.

HISTORY Alexandreia, previously called Gidas, was the "largest village" of Imathias local prefecture. It used to be the historical center of plain that was known since the Turkish domination of Roumlouki, the land of the Greeks; Alexandreia was consisted of 40 villages. There are many interesting monuments, connecting the local history with Ancient Greece, Roman, Byzantine & Ottoman Empire; Alexandreia is located in the region of Central Macedonia and is a substantial part of the Macedonian history. The municipality of Alexandreia was formed at the 2011 after a local government reform consited of 4 "municipal units": Alexandreia, Antigonides, Meliki, Platy.

LOCAL TRADITION The customs of the local area are similar to Macedonian Customs and Traditions. The traditional women's costume has a basic element named KATSOULI, an unusual headband that is made of three kerchiefs and reminds of an ancient helmet. The women of Roumlouki claim that it was given to them by Alexander the Great. According to tradition, the enemy that tried to inwade was once forced to treat by the women of the plain. When Alexander came back from his expedition and was informed of this war exploit he commanded his men to give their helmets to the women... This headband is one of the main characteristics of the region.

SOCIAL LIFE Citizens of Alexandreia are very friendly with simple day lives. EVS volunteers shall be hosted in the city of Alexandreia region which is a major commercial center of the local area. According to national statistics, there is reported a constant growth of its population and a continuous city reconstruction and development.. The city includes a health center, serving its residents, a large market with numerous shops, supermarkets, cafeterias, pubs and taverns.

Alexandreia region has 2 railway stations: on the railway lines A) from Thessaloniki to Florina (city center of Alexandreia) and b) from Thessaloniki to Athens (Platy station). The motorways A2 (Egnatia Odos) and A1 pass through the municipality. The Greek National Roads EO1 and EO4 pass through the town. Beautiful nearby cities that is suggested to be visited are: Thessaloniki, Veroia, Giannitsa, Kilkis, Katerini, Edessa and Naousa. There is also suggested a visit to Vergina's historic monuments and to the National Park of Axios-Loudias-Aliakmonas Rivers.

GEOGRAPHICAL CHARACTERISTICS Alexandreia is 19 km south of Giannitsa, 23 km northeast of Veroia and 42 km west of Thessaloniki and is located in the vast plain north of the river Aliakmonas and west of the river Axios, named Kampania or Roumlouki. The municipality has an area of 478.825 km2, with a municipal unit of 140.614 km2. The city is situated in the middle of a lush lowland with extremely fertile land. Its elevation is 10 m above mean sea level.

It is a common belief and contemporary strategy of behavioral change, to boost quality of life and sustainable environment campaigns through arts and culture. EERco is aiming to "quality of life" development by supporting EVS projects related to Arts and Humanities.

The hosted volunteer(s) shall have many opportunities to learn more about arts and a. culture, b. creativity, c. research & innovation, d. arts' local and regional history, e. arts & education, f. arts and career and g) visit the region of Alexandreia and Central Macedonia by one day trips and exhibitions (one trip per week)

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