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Maximise "Arts & Creativity" Skills EVS Project PRESENTATION


EERco is capable to support volunteers who like to use art to express themselves. By taking their passion for art abroad they could help others pursue or discover their love for art. With opportunities in photography, the performing arts, community projects, and other areas, volunteers for the arts from abroad will have the opportunity to participate in a program specific to their art experience and interests. Our activities include organizing artistic events, festivals, seminars or training courses related to arts, career opportunities and social minorities or disabled population and promoting intercultural understanding through photography projects abroad. An EERco volunteer will have the opportunity to inspire others and practice his art skills in a totally different setting. The volunteers are getting in contact with several social minorities and disabled population or even, very talented youth in the field of Arts. They will also have the opportunity to learn more about Greek Culture, customs and tradition. Our Arts Volunteers can choose from creative arts, film and photography or music and dance project where they can apply their creative eye and enthusiasm for passing messages to the public and inspiring population of any age and motivating people for quality of life.

EERco has structured 3 different seasons of hosting EVS VOLUNTEERS: AUTUMN, WINTER & SPRING SEASON, related to personal, expressional and managerial development (three basics of career success) adapted to our "ARTS AND HUMANITY" Activities per season.


Our main aim is to support and enhance people from the very young age to be intuitive, creative and self-awareness seekers, in combination with self-confidence on surviving with only the basics: accommodation and occupation to be available.... LETS SEE WHAT WE CAN DO! WE ALL CAN DO IT! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to start over our lives with self-preservation & social skills practice abroad. Moreover, this non formal learning proccess is enhancing self-esteem and self-confidence of our youngsters and promoted the activistic type of being socialized. Volunteers that are interested in trying new experiences and non formal learning, but mostly those that would like to experience their capabilities and potentials, shall be suggested to participate to our EVS projects as hosted volunteers.


Generally, the hosted volunteer(s) shall have many opportunities to learn more about arts and a. culture, b. creativity, c. research & innovation, d. arts' local and regional history, e. arts & education, f. arts and career and g) visit the region of Alexandreia, Neoi Epivates, and Central Macedonia by one day trips and exhibitions (one trip per week). Our project is structured as to be LEARNING BY DOING and includes development of sociabilities, personal expression practice through arts, challenges of reaching their qualification limits and unique experiences of supporting and participating to our Annual Events. All the EVS quality standards shall be ensured.


After the EVS project, there is expected that the volunteers will learn more about how to treat and communicate with others whatever their backround or difference, to try for acting with positive impact, to cooperate and make new friendships, to conquer a range of social, managerial and creativity skills and to empower and boost their personal, educational and professional development.

Every young person, volunteer or youth worker taking part in a youth mobility project is entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate.

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