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Sport Actions 4 Inclusion Project e+ KA152 | Selected Participants | Omegna, ITALY

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

ESAI EN ROI, partner of the Sport Actions 4 Inclusion Project [YOUTH mobility] is proud to announce the final group of participants. There has been viewed the announcement over 845 times. Between the selected participants, five (5) young persons in total out of ten (10) candidates. The cancellation had been foreseen because of the short preparation and travel ticket confirmation timeline. There still is one seat available for a young person. The youth mobility will take place in Omegna, Verbania, ITALY, between 25 June - 03 July 2022.

The coordinator is Vedogiovanne (IT) and the partners:

  • Italy (main coordinator, host)

  • France

  • Spain

  • Lithuania

  • Greece

The final participants, selected for the current youth mobility are:

- Olga Koultouki

- Leonardo Christodoulou

- Myrto Alexopoulou

- Tasos (Anastasios) Simopoulos

- Maria Koultouki

- George Yourgiotis

- Ersilda Cota

about Olga, Young Participant

My name is Olga Kultouki, I am from Greece and I am 25 years old. From a young age I was involved in the championship of acrobatic gymnastics and at the age of 16 I was involved in dance. This year I had my first participation in children's performances as an acrobat.

In addition, I was admitted to the University of Portugal "Inac – Instituto Nacional de Artes do Circo" and from October I will study at the school of circus arts.

about Leonardo, Young Participant

Bachedlor on Sports and Sport Promotion, Master in Sport and Nutrition, Accredited Sports Nutritionist (Barcelona University), MBA in Sports Management. Already active within the council of of Europe I have experience of team sports and I as a personal trainer I have trained youth people with various disabilities as a gym instructor and a trainer, helping them overcome problems of their disability and also promoting access to health and sport. I have master degree in sports science and medicine. One of the problems we have to consider is that some people are in rather disadvantaged position as they do not have access to full potential because of geographic remoteness and rather few people are active in sports. I am interested in further using sport for inclusion and promotion of healthy living.

about Myrto, Young Participant

Myrto is a Former athlete of acrobatics gymnastics (2007-2017) and has participated in European championship in 2017 . She is currently working as a coach in gymnastics, sector of acrobatics. She is also a Pilates instructor (2021) specialized in aerial gymnastics with special skills and competences for indoor and outdoor envrionments (2022) and has recently nominated with the diploma of first aid adequacy.

about Tasos, Young Participant

My name is Anastasios Simopoulos from Thessaloniki, Greece and I am interested in participating in this program. I was born in Thessaloniki in 2004, and I just graduated from high-school. I am into sports journalism and I would like to work in this field as well.

about Maria, Young Participant

My name is Maria Atlazia and I'm a 28 years old Greek woman. At the age of 4 I started gymnastics and I was an athlete approximately till the age of 18. After having earned many titles and taken participation in many championships (including the European Championship in Portugal in 2009), I continued my occupation with gymnastic as a trainer. I love traveling and taking photos of new places.

about Yiorgos (George), Young Participant

My name is Giorgos Gourgiotis, I was born in 2004, Thessaloniki Greece. This year I graduated from high-school. I speak English and German and I want to work in the field of Applied Informatics

about Ersilda, Young Participant

I am the youngest participant, 16 years old, and I am fond of the idea to participate in the current mobility, I am thrilled within the thought that I will meet other persons also interested in the same fields that I also have a strong desire to be professionally developed. I love sports and arts and I am a student of ballet and contemporary dance in the Dance School of Katerina Kotridou, in Neous Epivates Region (Thessaloniki district era).

For more information about the current mobility, please check at

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