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The Cultural Organization of Macedonia of Thrace ESAI EN ROI is warmly pleased with the activities of Artistic Education 2018 (15th TERPSIHORI Award for Amalia Strinopoulou and 1st Prize for the Melathleia Prize in Zizo Haratsari, New Year's Eve & Young Music Evenings) and is thanking the co-organizer: Office of Innovative Actions, Directorate of Secondary Education Pieria, the supporters: Hania Career Education Career Network, Training and Human Performance Laboratory, SEFA, AUTh, Environmental Education Center of Edessa - Giannitsa, Center for the Eradication of Eating and Disorders, MediDIATROFI, Nutrition Studies and Research Center, ChaniaFilmFestival, Cine Courses for the aegis: and Ministries of Interior [former MACEDONIA-THRAKIS] & Culture & Sport, as well as the Municipality Thessaloniki.

We also thank the well-known actors Gouti Stelios and Aphrodite Ioannidou, the family Harastari, the remarkable director Alexis Mingas, the well-known painter LABRINI BOVIATSOU for the MELTHALEIA AWARD sculpture and all the committees and many other partners and supporters for their valuable help in order to successfully accomplish this difficult project of historical retrospection in dance and theater & support of new artistic talents.

Finally, we thank again our favourite Local newspaper "My Alexandria" that strengthens and promotes our work by actively contributing to the cultural development of Alexandria and, more broadly, of Northern Greece.

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